Hero Ball Z Free Download for Android & iOS

Hero Ball Z Free Download for Android & iOS

Hero Ball Z is the new idle RPG game for mobile. Heroes! Engage all your senses!

Legendary Fusions! Idle RPG, HBZ

What kind of game is HBZ?

▣ Bullet hell + idle RPG

It- Not your everyday idle game!

– The appeal of an idle RPG with the fun of a bullet hell game!

▣ Distinct heroes are here!

– Incredible characters from the mega-hit video game “Video game of Dice” came back as heroes!

– Integrate newbies to obtain extraordinary heroes!

▣ A new type of idle video game! Spectacular action!

– Captivating shooting action with adorable characters!

– Usage heroes’ breathtaking unique abilities tactically!

▣ Run through the endless phases

– Quick level-up while offline!

– End up being more robust to break the limit!

▣ Want to play more? Sub-contents!

– Boss raids, PvP, and event matches!

– Leave those hard-working heroes idling, and take pleasure in the numerous sub-contents!

▣ Global heroes! PUT TOGETHER!

– Even the strongest heroes need allies!

– Gather allies at a Union and challenge the top area!

Hero Ball Z | One of the best Idle RPG games

Feel the real excitement of idle games now! Download it for both Android & iOS below.

Hero Ball Z Download Links

Download HBZ for Android

Download HBZ for iOS

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