Microsoft System Tuning App for Windows 10 & 11 Out

Microsoft System Tuning App

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft has finally released its own system tuning app for Windows 10 and 11. This comes as no surprise, considering the demand for utilities that allow users to monitor and optimize their PC’s performance closely. While SSDs have improved overall system speed, there is still a need for occasional health checks.

Previously, apps like CCleaner were the go-to choice for many users, but Microsoft’s new app offers similar functionality and is available for free in the Microsoft Store. The app, aptly named “Microsoft System Tuner,” is currently in beta but has proven to be snappy and reliable in our testing.

The goal of the app is to boost your PC’s performance by allowing you to delete unnecessary files, terminate memory-hogging apps, and manage storage and startup settings. It combines various Windows areas into a unified app, making it quick and convenient to access and adjust these settings.

However, one drawback is the app’s size, which can be a bit large for a docked app. While it automatically docks to the right side of the display, Microsoft should have provided the option to minimize it to the system tray. Regardless, the main menu offers four sections: Health Check, Storage Manager, Process Management, and Startup Apps.

The Health Check section identifies unnecessary files like caches, log files, and temporary files. It also allows you to disable startup items, with a resource ranking to help you decide which ones to turn off.

The Storage Manager section provides options to delete extraneous files and search for files of a specific size. It also performs a system scan to identify additional files from Windows and its apps. This section also lets you manage large files by specifying a file type and size for easier identification.

Microsoft System Tuning App 2

Source: Microsoft

The Process Management and Startup Apps sections allow users to terminate running programs and disable startup apps. It displays the processes currently running and the memory usage, enabling users to kill memory-intensive apps quickly.

Lastly, the app includes a Security tab where users can run Windows Update or change their default browser. Microsoft deserves credit for not forcing users to switch to Edge and instead allowing them to choose their preferred browser.

Overall, Microsoft System Tuning App is a handy and lightweight app that serves as a no-frills tool for checking and optimizing PC performance. Given that it is free, it is worth trying out, and it won’t be surprising if future versions of Windows come pre-installed with this helpful utility.

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