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Notepad++ 8.4.2 – Windows Free Download

Notepad++ is a free software text editor for Windows. It is an improved, extended version of the Notepad text editor that comes with Windows. It is more powerful and has more features than Notepad. It is aimed at programmers, web designers and others who need a good text editor.

It supports many programming languages, including Python and JavaScript, and has advanced features such as syntax highlighting, code folding, automatic indentation, line numbering, etc. It is faster and more customisable than the default text editor on Windows.

And it has features you wouldn’t find in most other text editors. Not only can you add syntax highlighting, line numbering, and more to your text, but you can also add code highlighting, auto-completion and more to your code. It’s an excellent tool for making your coding experience more enjoyable, and it’s free to use.

What does it do?

The Notepad++ program is a free text editor that supports programming languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, etc. It is a powerful text editor that can edit, compile, run, debug and much more. It is highly customisable and has many powerful plugins available.

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