BitComet Torrent Download Manager for All Systems

BitComet Torrent Download Manager for All Systems

Torrent Download Client

BitComet is a peer-to-peer file-sharing application. It is primarily used for file sharing and is commonly used to share large files such as movies, music, and software. It uses the BitTorrent protocol to share and download files. The BitTorrent protocol is a network that uses peer-to-peer file sharing to transfer large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

This torrent client is an efficient and multi-functional file-sharing application. It is used for downloading and uploading files using the BitTorrent protocol. The program has a variety of functions. Most of them are related to downloading and uploading files.

BitComet Features

Torrents have been around for nearly two decades now. The first one was created by Bram Cohen, the founder of the largest file-sharing website in the world, BitTorrent. Since then, it has been one of the most popular torrent clients, with users worldwide using it to download and upload files. The software is designed to help users find and download content from peer-to-peer networks, such as BitTorrent.

It is a BitTorrent client that allows downloading files using the BitTorrent protocol. The program has many features that will enable you to control how and when your downloads are completed. You can prioritize specific downloads, set download schedules, and much more. And unlike most BitTorrent clients, it is entirely free.

Changelog in BitComet 2.01

  • GUI Improve: the clipboard monitoring feature supports Infohash string recognition
  • GUI Improve: when monitoring links in the clipboard, malformed magnet links are ignored
  • GUI Improve: a prompt is displayed when the number of online devices for the same account reaches the limit
  • GUI Improve: new advanced setting network.enable_open_dns
  • GUI Improve: in the RSS page of Options window, the delete button is replaced with an add button for RSS list
  • GUI Improve: in the RSS page of Options window, double-click the RSS list to open the editing window
  • GUI Improve: the x2 high-scoring images are always loaded when the DPI scale is greater than 100%
  • GUI Improve: supports 64MB piece size when making torrents
  • GUI Improve: command line parameters can specify the piece size when making a torrent file
  • GUI Improve: when making torrent files in silent mode with command-line arguments, the default trackers are used
  • GUI Improve: display a introduction window when click the Subscriber tag in the passport pane
  • GUI Improve: display Support Us page of Options window when click the Supporter tag in the passport pane
  • GUI Improve: list grid lines are not displayed in dark mode
  • GUI Improve: improved pane splitter color in dark mode
  • GUI Bugfix: RSS sidebar reverts to borderless display style
  • GUI Bugfix: in the absence of any tasks, the status bar will still show preparing for long-term seeding
  • GUI Bugfix: the disk write statistics in the remote download web interface are displayed incorrectly
  • Core Improve: when exchange the magnet links, the proportion of content from Torrent Collection has increased
  • Core Improve: supports FUSE-rclone partitions
  • Core Bugfix: an error occurred when moving the downloaded file in the tasks in which only part of files are selected to download
  • Core Bugfix: program cannot start in Windows XP

Download Links (BitComet 2.01)

Download BitComet for Windows

Download BitComet for macOS

Download BitComet for Android

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