Heimdal Security Premium Home for Windows

Heimdal Security Premium Home for Windows

Heimdal Security Premium HOME is a complete, secure, security-enhanced firewall, intrusion detection, and content filtering solution for home users. It can be used to protect all types of computers, including those in your home, office, and entertainment centre. Heimdal Security Premium HOME is the most comprehensive solution for home users. It is also available as a stand-alone product. Heimdal Security Premium HOME is the only security solution with the following features: firewall, intrusion detection, content filtering, and anti-virus. Heimdal Security Premium HOME is the only solution that provides all of these features in a single package. It also offers the following features: parental controls, URL filtering, and a built-in web proxy.

Heimdal Security Premium Home Features

– Antivirus.

– Regional Signature/Submit-based scanning.

– Real-time Cloud Scanning.

– Sandbox and Backdoor Inspection.

– Tidy and Quarantine regional infected files.

– Necessary add-on to any Anti-virus.

– Enhances any Firewall.

– Unique Traffic-based Malware detection.

– Blocks Malware before it reaches your PC.

– Multi-layered, AI-Powered Defense.

– Protects your Web-Browsing.

– Protects your Electronic banking and Payments.

– Phishing Protection.

– Instantly Updates your Applications.

– Secures 3 PCs (as many as 10).

PC security protection

DarkLayer Guard blocks all inbound and outbound interactions with malicious servers, avoiding APTs and other risks. Discovers dangers at the DNS, HTTP, and HTTPS layers, before they reach your device and prevents information leaks and compromise.

Through VectorN Detection, concealed malware in your system will be immediately found and obstructed before it can jeopardise your data.

X-Plot Resilience automatically and quietly updates the database. In this manner, you eliminate vulnerabilities before they use and contaminate your PC with malware.

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