JRiver Media Center Download Free

JRiver Media Center Download Free

Multimedia application

JRiver Media Center is an all-in-one media management app that turns any Windows PC into an entertainment hub. It makes it easy to organize, manage and stream your digital media in one simple interface. With a single computer, you can play, manage, and watch all of your content.

What is JRiver Media Center, and what does it offer?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive media center solution that offers not only music, photos, and videos, but also TV shows and movies as well as live radio broadcasting, then it may be the right fit for you. In addition to its comprehensive media library, it also offers powerful tools for organizing and editing your content. Plus, it’s free to download and use!

Pros and Cons of JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media Center is a powerful media center that can be used to organize your music, photos, and videos. On the downside, it can be difficult to use at first. Additionally, the price may be prohibitive for some.

How to Get Started with JRiver Media Center

If you’re looking for a versatile media center to organize your music, photos, and videos, it is worth checking out. It is available for free download from the JRiver website. Here’s how to get started:

First, make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements. You can find out if your computer is compatible by visiting the JRiver website and clicking on the “Download” button next to the software title. If you’re running Windows XP or Vista, we recommend that you upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.1 in order to take full advantage of it.

Once your computer is up and running, click on the “Download” button next to it on the JRiver website. (You may have to sign in first.) The software will download onto your computer in a Zip file.

Unzip the file by double-clicking on it, and then open JRiver Media Center.exe by clicking on it. (If it doesn’t open automatically after you unzip the file, you can try opening it by going to “My Computer” -> “Local Disk (C)” -> “JRiver Media Center” -> “bin


Since its release in 2002, the J River Media Center has been a mainstay media player for OS X users. Now, it’s available for free download from the Mac App Store. Plus, there are new features that make it even more powerful.

The new features include support for AirPlay Mirroring and Home Sharing, which let you share your music and videos with other devices in your home. You can also use the Media Center to manage your photos and videos, as well as play music from online services like Pandora and Spotify. Plus, you can use the Media Center to create and edit videos using tools like Final Cut Pro X.

If you’re looking for a free media center download to use on your computer, It is definitely worth checking out. It offers a variety of features and tools that can be helpful in many different ways, and it’s available for both Windows and Mac platforms.\

Changelog in JRiver Media Center 31.0.29

  • Changed: Triple spaces (or more) were still causing Swap problems.
  • Fixed: Media Center could leak memory when parsing an invalid MP4 file.
  • Fixed: Spotlight was not loading properly.
  • Fixed: Double spaces are removed by the Swap(…) function to avoid problems they cause.
  • Fixed: Improved detection heuristics in black bar analysis for more confident results.

Download Links (JRiver Media Center 31.0.29)

Download JRiver Media Center Trial for Windows 32-bit

Download JRiver Media Center Trial for Windows 64-bit

Download JRiver Media Center Trial for macOS

Download JRiver Media Center Trial for Android

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