Persona game series news leaker shares with us the information of the sixth season and more

Persona game

The news leaker who shared with us the reveal of Remake, the third part of the Persona series of games, as well as the side game Persona 5 Tactica, now shares more information about the sixth part of the series and other additional information as follows:

– The sixth part of the series will be greatly underdeveloped because it was designed by many new names on the title, and the game will include with it many of the side game elements that we saw in the fifth part of side games

– The game was supposed to be revealed this year, but Atlas wanted to reveal the Metaphor game instead, so it postponed the disclosure of the sixth part of the Persona series for next year.

– Currently, the game is listed for release only on the PlayStation 6, and we do not know if things will change later, as it is a contract between companies, but it is certain that the game will not be released for the last generation home devices

– The name Carbon is the name currently approved within Atlas Studios for the project, as the company launches a temporary name for the games before their official disclosure

– While Asa is the name chosen for a new side game from the series, also from the fifth part, and it is mostly a group party game, and it will be revealed next year.

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