Norton Mobile Security – Android

Norton Mobile Security - Android

Norton Mobile Security is the only mobile security app that protects your privacy, detects and blocks malware, and safeguards your bank and credit card accounts. It also warns you of potentially dangerous apps to protect your device from malware and data theft. With the Norton app, your device is in good hands.

As you’re reading this, you probably have many questions running through your head. What is NMS? How does it work? Why do I need it?.

Your phone is your gateway to the world – but it’s also a huge security risk. Malicious apps and cybercriminals can exploit security vulnerabilities in your phone to steal your personal information and money or lock you out of your device. It helps protect your phone, your data, and privacy, so you can worry less and enjoy more.

What does it do?

Norton Mobile Security helps protect your Android devices from cyberattacks. The app monitors malicious apps and other threats, alerts you if it finds anything suspicious, and lets you perform a quick diagnostic scan to find potential problems. You can also use Norton Mobile Security to find your lost or stolen phone, lock your device remotely, and perform other valuable functions.

NMS is the only app that protects your smartphone, data, and privacy. It can remotely lock your phone, find your phone if you lose it, and keep your apps and sensitive data safe from snoopers. It’s also the only app protecting you against silent attacks when you surf the web or send text messages. It can warn you about dangerous websites before you visit them, and it automatically blocks text scams and phishing attacks.

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