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Opera GX browser is an innovative web browser focused on gaming. It is the first browser to support WebXR, a cutting-edge technology that brings immersive 3D worlds to the web. GX browser brings together the best of both worlds: the best games and experiences on the web and the speed, security, and privacy that users have come to expect from Opera. It is the only browser that allows you to play the best 3D games on the web without requiring special hardware or plugins.

GX browser is designed for gamers. It allows you to Livestream your gameplay so that other people can watch you play. It also has a built-in chat so that viewers can talk to each other while they watch. In addition, It has been designed to load quickly so that you can get back to gaming as quickly as possible.

It is a web browser, similar to Chrome or Firefox, that is designed for gamers. It has several features that help improve the gaming experience, including enhanced performance and speed, background processes to improve performance, security, and access to online services.


Have you ever thought about how you could turn your browser into the ultimate gaming platform? Introducing Opera-GX, the browser that lets you game the way you want. Built for today’s most demanding games and designed to give you the best gaming experience on the web, Opera GX is the browser for gamers.

The GX browser is a special-purpose browser designed for gaming. It is essentially the same as the standard Opera web browser but with some exciting new features. The first thing you will notice when you open OperaGX is the built-in video game store. This is essentially a store within a store where you can browse and buy video games, just like you would on the Google Play store.

Download Links (Opera GX 99.0.4788.75)

Download Opera GX for Windows x86

Download Opera GX for Windows x64

Download Opera GX for macOS

Download Opera GX for Android

Download Opera GX for IOS

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