REAPER DAW Download for Windows & Mac

REAPER DAW Download for Windows & Mac

Digital Audio Workstation and MIDI Sequencer (REAPER DAW 6.65)

REAPER DAW is an open-source digital audio workstation which allows users to create, edit, and manipulate music within a single window, all while using a variety of popular digital music formats.

This fully featured audio workstation allows you to record, edit, mix and master audio in real time. It is a powerful, easy-to-use audio production platform.

It is a multimedia tool, such as DAW-7; it replaces the similar DAW and is equipped with real-time processing, audio encoding, playback and recording.

It allows you to download, edit, and play high-fidelity audio files. You can use it on Windows or Mac Operating Systems. It is similar to a CD-ROM, except that it is based on a file system that allows you to store and play data without a computer. You can also use It as an audio player for your laptop and computer.


REAPER has an extensive library of professional and commonly used audio files and is one of the most high-end audio editing and production tools available. It’s a flexible software package that can be used for audio production, studio work, and hobby projects. It includes Macros, a powerful programmatic user interface, and a wide variety of built-in audio plugins.

Download Links

Download REAPER DAW Trial for Windows 32-bit

Download REAPER DAW Trial for Windows 64-bit

Download REAPER Trial for macOS 32-bit

Download REAPER Trial for macOS 64-bit

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