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Sumatra PDF is a slim, free PDF reader for Windows. It’s fast, has no unnecessary features, and doesn’t clutter your system. You can use it as a text viewer, for quick viewing of PDFs, or as a text editor for making minor PDF changes. Or you can use it to view other types of documents, such as PowerPoint files.

Sumatra PDF reader is fast, has a small footprint, and doesn’t get in your way. You can use it as a Notepad replacement or view, extract, and annotate PDFs when you don’t need a heavyweight Adobe Acrobat. It is an excellent choice.

It is also a good PDF reader for Windows with an intuitive interface and valuable features. It’s quick, compact and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for quickly viewing PDFs, e-books and other documents. The program also has many advanced features, including highlighting text, adding text notes, and finding words or phrases in the paper.

Sumatra PDF | Free and open-source document viewer

As stated above, Sumatra PDF is a lightweight PDF reader for Windows. It’s fast, takes up little space, and doesn’t get in your way. You can use it as a text editor, for quick text editing, or as a Notepad replacement, for viewing, extracting, and annotating PDFs. It is a great choice when you don’t need the heavyweight Adobe Acrobat.

The reader is a lightweight alternative to programs like Adobe Acrobat, free and open source. You can use it to quickly view PDFs, extract text, and make simple changes.

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