The Cycle Frontier Free Game for Windows

The Cycle: Frontier Free Game for Windows

First-person shooter game (The Cycle: Frontier latest version)

The Cycle Frontier is a first-person shooter & excavation game for Windows. Welcome to Fortuna III, a forsaken world with high stakes and higher rewards!

Fall onto the surface and fill your pockets with treasures and resources. Be cautious; however, those who make it out alive can keep their spoils. Watch out for savage monsters and greedy players– or set out to actively hunt those and steal their hard-earned prizes for yourself.

Protect a seat on the nearby evac ship to protect your loot. Update your equipment, acquire new devices and total faction-based contracts to increase your gains and open new battle options. Prospecting is a risky venture. However, greed is often rewarded by the pledge of splendour. After all, fortune prefers the strong in the eye of the storm.


The life of a Prospector is complete with risk, but any additional hazard is sure to be worth it. You can go it alone or group up but be wary; the better your haul, the bigger the threat. Tread recklessly, and risk bringing in the attention of a pack of tricky Striders or a monstrous Crusher. Cause excessive noise fends off the wildlife, and you may give away your position to another trigger-happy player. Remember, losers come house empty-handed, so view your back.

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