TrustViewer Free Download for Windows & Mac

TrustViewer Free Download for Windows & Mac

TrustViewer allows you to create a secure remote desktop connection to a computer, even if the computer is connected to a wireless network or the Internet. The computers attached to the wireless network will be able to use the internet connection to access the computer. This ability to connect is essential to prevent a hack because the computer can be connected to the internet and then launched with a local admin password. The computer can then be used to access the network and the internet.

TrustViewer Features

TrustViewer does not need to set the firewall program or proxy. And it is automatically updated if the assistant uses a more recent version.

TrustViewer supports work in local networks and Web– networks IPv4/IPv6. As an application procedure, it uses HTTP/ HTTPS. And if needed, it uses API WinInet to link to the proxy with Kerberos/NTLM authorisation.

If possible, the connection between computer participants directly links “indicate point” with a remote destination of Web– servers (hybrid p2p– network).

The protected connection between computers is supplied by cryptographic protocols SSL/ TLS and their analogues based upon RSA, AES and MD5. The program, in addition to all updates (full and incremental), is safeguarded by digital signatures.

Likewise is offered for download accessible specialised proxy server “TrustServer”, prescribed for setup on servers with Windows and Linux operating systems. That allows client applications in corporate networks to accept incoming Web connections.

Remote access to a computer

TrustServer can be installed on a public Web server in mode HTTPS-proxy and on the local server of an organisation in mode socks5-proxy; moreover, in the latter case, an extra setup of the customer applications is not needed– server will be spotted instantly.

In addition, automatic connection of client applications to the general public Internet service is also possible. It is enough to set up and run TrustServer in the waterfall server mode on the company’s local server (utilised only for automated settings, all traffic will be routed through the moms and dad server).

TrustViewer Download Links

Download TrustViewer for Windows

Download TrustServer for Windows

TrustServer for Linux

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