Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Download

Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Download

Optimise Windows 11 (Windows 11 Manager 1.1.3 by Yamicsoft)

Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager is the complete software to enhance, fine-tune, fix and clean up Microsoft Windows 11 operating system. This all-in-one energy consists of over forty energies to optimise, tweak, clean up, speed up and improve your Windows 11.

This Yamicsoft application also helps your system perform quicker, remove system faults, ease stability and security, customise a copy of Windows 11, and meet all your expectations.

Yamicsoft Windows 11 Manager Features:

Generate OS Info

System Optimizer

System Cleaner


Security Tweaking

Network Optimizer

Miscellaneous Utilities


Creates the system restore point manually. Gets in-depth information about your system and hardware and assists you in discovering the Microsoft product key such as Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Workplace. Reveals and handles all running procedures and threads. The repair work Center helps to identify and fix numerous system problems. Cleans up your system simply with one click. Optimisation Wizard is helpful to the user who is unknown with computers.

System Optimizer

Modifies your system to improve performance and increase speed. Handles and sets up the Windows boot menu to your preference. Startup Manager manages all the begun programs with Windows start, checks and repairs the sophisticated startup products to bring back the malicious change by infections. Manages and enhances system services and drivers to improve performance. Handles and optimises the set-up jobs to speed up your system.

System Cleaner

Disk Analyzer can evaluate the disk space usage of all programs, files and folders to discover which immerse your disk area, as shown with a chart. Tidies up the WinSxS folder securely to lower the part store size. Smart Uninstaller can fully erase programs from your system without recurring files and Computer registry entries. Desktop Cleaner can analyse and move new faster ways, files and folders on the desktop to specified folders. Searches and deletes junk submits to save disk space and enhance efficiency. Searches and deletes the duplicated files to conserve your disk space. Computer system registry Cleaner searches the Computer registry to discover and erase the void products. Computer registry Defrag rebuilds and re-indexes your Windows registry to decrease pc registry access time, improve application responsiveness, and eliminate mistakes and corruption in the Computer system registry.


Personalises system parameters according to your preferences by tweaking File Explorer, Desktop, Start, Taskbar and Notice location. Includes files, folders and system products to This PC and Desktop. Pins the files or folders to your Desktop, Taskbar or Start. Develops the quick startup items for the jump list on Taskbar. Handles the context menu when best click the file, folder, etc. Edits the shortcut menu that right-clicks the Start button (Win + X faster). Tailors the appearance of your system. Edits and includes the shortcuts that are executed on the Run dialogue box. Modifies the Windows Apps and Microsoft Modern UI settings.


Fine-tunes system, parts, UAC, Check-in settings, change various locations, and limits access to drives and programs to enhance system security. Protect your sensitive files and folder’s security, encrypt files, and move system folders to safe areas. Personal privacy Protector guarantees privacy and keeps sensitive details secure by getting rid of tracks. File Undelete recuperates and restores deleted or formatted files on logical disks. Locks some system features to enhance security.

Network Optimization

Optimises and modifies your internet connection and network settings. Tweaks Microsoft Web Explorer web browser settings. IP Switcher can change between various network settings easily. Adjusts the Hosts file to accelerate system surfing internet. Wi-Fi Manager can view and manage all your cordless networks.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Develops set up tasks or the tracking that activates jobs. Reveals and runs the valuable collection of built-in utilities in your Windows. Splits a file into multiple smaller-sized files or merges back to the initial file. Super Copy is an effective tool for copying files or backup instantly. Operates your Registry easily using the Computer registry Tools.

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