YUMI Multiboot Installer Free Download for Windows

YUMI Multiboot Installer Free Download for Windows

Multiboot USB creator (YUMI exFAT / UEFI / YUMI

YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) is a portable application developed to create a Multiboot USB Flash Drive. This Universal tool can rapidly develop a Multiboot bootable USB flash drive, including multiple ISO files.

Use it to boot from USB your favourite Live Linux portable Platforms, Linux and Windows Installers, anti-viruses utilities, disc cloning, backup, penetration testing, diagnostic tools and more. This tool makes it easy for anybody to develop their own tailored multi-purpose Bootable USB.

Contrary to MultiBootISOs, which used grub to boot ISO files straight from USB, YUMI uses syslinux to boot extracted circulations saved on the USB device. And reverts to using grub to Boot Multiple ISO files from USB, if essential.

YUMI Features:

YUMI exFAT supports exFAT format & 4GB+ files. BIOS and UEFI USB boot.

YUMI Tradition supports either NTFS or Fat32 format. BIOS USB boot just.

YUMI UEFI supports Fat32 only. BIOS and UEFI USB booting (Distro reliant).

This App has been considered by lots to be the Best Bootable USB Developer. It replaces our old Multiboot ISOS tool and is the follower to the particular Universal USB Installer (UUI). Tools that were among the very first made to create a bootable flash drive. For the many parts, files are typically stored within the Multiboot folder. This makes for a perfectly arranged Portable Multiboot Drive that can still be utilised for traditional storage.

This tool works just like Universal USB Installer; rather than imaging a single ISO to USB, it can be used to save and run more than one circulation from your thumb drive. They are allowing you to Boot Several ISO files from the same device. Distributions can likewise quickly be uninstalled or gotten rid of with the tool!

Download Links:

Download YUMI for Windows

Download YUMI UEFI for Windows

Download YUMI exFAT for Windows

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