CMA Postpones Decision On Microsoft’s Acquisition To August 29

Microsoft Blizzard

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard is now reaching the final line, with reports indicating the possibility of announcing the completion of the deal next Monday and before the end of the period allowed for closing the deal.

The majority of countries in the world announced their approval of the deal, except for the British market and the Competition Authority there CMA, which refused to complete the deal and indicated that it had concerns about the possibility of monopoly, especially with regard to cloud computing. Now the dialogue has returned again between Microsoft and the CMA, which was supposed to issue the final decision for it. In July, but announced today the extension of the period for issuing the decision of Microsoft’s Acquisition until August 29.

The authority confirmed that it would try to speed up the issuance of the decision, with talk of early-stage discussions with Microsoft to try to provide more solutions to complete the deal inside Britain.

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