NTLite Windows Configuration Tool Download

NTLite Windows Configuration Tool Download

NTLite Toolkit is an easy-to-use Windows configuration tool that automates much of the work of creating your Windows file system. It is straightforward and can be configured for almost any Windows version.

It is a Windows configuration and customisation software. It lets you customise your Windows system settings from the command line.

Windows customization software

It is a tool for configuring and managing the Windows NT operating system. It provides a simple and intuitive interface for the user to customise the operating system and organise all the Windows NT services.

NTLite Features

It provides a customised toolkit. This allows users to create their customised configuration. Users can create a search dialogue that searches for the configuration file and then uploads the configuration file. It provides an easy way to manage the layout.

NT Lite Download Links

Download NTLite x86

Download NTLite x64

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