Viber Free Calls and Messages for All Systems

Viber Free Calls and Messages for All Systems

Free Phone Calls

Viber Video Calling App is the best way to make video calls on smartphones and computers. It is a text, voice, and video communication platform that enables users to connect with friends and family through various methods, including text and voice messaging. It allows users to make video calls over the internet through a mobile app, desktop app, or browser. The platform can be used to chat with friends and family for free, and users can purchase additional features to enhance their experience.

You’ve probably heard of Viber before—but did you know it can also be used for video calling? It is a messaging app like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, but instead of sending texts, you can send voice messages, texts, photos, and videos. You can also make video calls with Vin, a Viber app that works like Skype or FaceTime. Unlike other apps, Vin is used just like a phone.

With Vin, you can make video calls like a traditional phone call. You’ll see who’s calling and can chat face-to-face, just like in person.

Viber Features

The world has changed. Today, we communicate across oceans and continents through text messages, phone calls, and video calls. But when it comes to communicating with the people we care about most, our methods haven’t evolved much since the days of landlines and dial-up internet. Sure, we’ve got video calling services like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, but these services are often difficult to use and require us to be online simultaneously as the people we’re talking to.

Video calling is the future. It’s the next evolutionary step in communication, allowing us to share experiences and emotions as if we were face-to-face. It’s a monumental technology, one that has the potential to change the world. But video calling hasn’t quite lived up to the hype, which is where it steps in.

Changelog in Viber

  • Search in chats: Easily find words that you used in specific chats.
  • Search and call: Call a contact directly from the Search screen.
  • Update now and feel the difference.

Download Links

Viber Download for Windows

Viber Download for Windows XP

Download Viber for macOS

Download Viber for Linux Ubuntu [deb]

Viber Download for Linux Fedora [rpm]

Download Viber for Android

Download Viber for iOS

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